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  • Fellow, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency


Tom Kram is Fellow of the Department of Climate, Air and Energy at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, after his retirement as deputy Head in November 2018.

Since 2001 he was responsible for development and application of the IMAGE integrated assessment modelling framework at PBL, working with national and international research partnerships. IMAGE addresses a wide range of global scale issues, with focus on relationships and feedback between natural and human systems. In particular land-use as pivot for climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation, e.g. bio-energy, re- and afforestation, while safeguarding provision of other ecological goods and services to humankind (food, water, biodiversity, etc.).

Besides support for the Dutch government and EU projects on climate, he worked on international assessments such as the OECD Environmental Outlooks of 2008 and 2012. Before PBL, he worked at ECN on sectoral and technological assessments, energy-economy-environment modelling, and energy, technology, materials and climate policy support work.

For over 10 years he was project head of the Energy Technology Systems Analysis Project of the International Energy Agency, and he contributed to the IPCC in various functions and roles. He is member of ICONICS, the international committee involved with development and promotion of the RCP/SSP framework for climate research scenarios; member of the Integrated Assessment Modelling Consortium IAMC; and member of Climate Strategies.