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  • Joint Director, Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM), University of New South Wales

Dr. Regina Betz is Joint Director (Economics) at the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM) and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Economics at UNSW. She studied economics in Germany and the UK and obtained her PhD through research analysing the impact of different designs of carbon trading systems on transaction costs. From 1997-2004 she has been a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Environmental Technology and Environmental Economics at the Fraunhofer (FhG) Institute of Systems and Innovation Research in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Her work focuses on climate change policies and their associated instruments, such as Joint Implementation, the Clean Development Mechanism and particularly emissions trading. Her publications largely relate to the design and implementation of these instruments. From 1998 -2004 she has been a consultant to the German Federal Ministry of Environmental with respect to the Kyoto Mechanisms and Emissions trading (e.g. National Allocation Plan), and has been closely involved with European Union and United Nations negotiations on climate change (UNFCCC).