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  • Senior Researcher, Energy Research Institute

Jiang Kejun is a Senior Researcher at the Energy Research Institute in China.

From 1993, Kejun Jiang began his research on climate change relative to energy policy analysis, focusing on energy technology policy assessment, energy supply policy assessment, renewable energy development and energy conservation.

In 1994, Jiang worked on Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) development for energy and GHG emission scenarios and policies, His analysis focusing on China and globally. At present He is mainly working on policy assessment for energy and environment policy by leading  the Integrated Policy Assessment Model for China (IPAC) team. Jiang’s major focus includes energy and emission scenarios, energy policy, energy system, energy market analysis, climate change, local environment policies and international negotiations.

Since 1997, Joang has been parto of the IPCC for Special Report on Emission Scenarios and Working Group III Third Assessment Report, leader author for IPCC WGIII AR4 Chapter 3, and lead author for GEO-4 Chapter 2. Now he is CLA in WGIII of IPCC AR5, LA for IPCC AR5 Synthesis Report, and author for the UNEP Emission Gaps. His recent research projects include energy and emission scenarios for 2030, low carbon emission scenarios up to 2050, roadmap for air pollution control, assessment on energy tax and fuel tax, potential for energy targets in China, development of Integrated Policy Assessment model etc., He completed his Ph.D at the Social Engineering Department of Tokyo Institute of Technology.