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  • Director, SQ Consult

Dian Phylipsen is Director of Climate Change and Board Member at SQ Consult, where she coordinates the group’s climate change activities.

Before joining SQ Consult, she worked at Ecofys in the Netherlands, Italy, and the UK. She was also part of the International Energy Studies Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in the US and worked at the Department of Science, Technology & Society of Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Her focus is on the development and achievement of smart, efficient and equitable climate commitments. She has worked extensively on the design, implementation and evaluation of energy and climate policies in many countries across the world, and has been involved in the development of many aspects of the emerging global carbon markets, supporting amongst others the development of the EU ETS and the CDM Gold Standard. She has followed the international climate negotiations since 1995 and contributed to the development of the EU Burden Sharing Agreement. She currently works, amongst others, on issues related to climate finance, clean technology and Article  6 of the Paris Agreement.

She is an IPCC review expert, a UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) expert, a Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) review expert, and a member of the Dutch expert groups on Climate Change and Markets and on Climate Finance. She conducts capacity building and training workshops globally and is a regular guest lecturer at six different universities in the Netherlands and abroad.

Dian has a Master’s degree in Chemistry (Energy & Environment) and a PhD from Utrecht University on ‘International Comparisons and National Commitments: Energy and technology differences in the climate debate’.