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  • Senior Adviser, Climate Finance, Center for Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO)

Christa Clapp is a Senior Adviser for Climate Finance at Center for Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO).

She leads the climate finance team, which is developing a framework for assessing green bonds and exploring research topics such as the effective use of finance for climate action. She has previously held positions at the OECD and at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

She has more than a decade of experience in climate policy analysis, covering a range of topics including climate finance, low-emission development strategies, emission baselines, mitigation potential and costs, and competitiveness. Christa earned a National Honor Award EPA Gold Medal for Exceptional Service for her analysis of climate policy proposals for US Congress.

She served as a Contributing Author to the IPCC 4th Assessment Report on Mitigation. Christa holds a Masters in International Relations and International Economics from SAIS at Johns Hopkins University.