In the countdown to Climate Week NYC, leading research institutions in Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa and the EU are launching a series of reports which identify domestic policies with the potential to unlock crucial international climate finance.

The international community has repeatedly committed to providing $100bn a year by 2020 to support climate action in the Global South. However, these targets have been repeatedly missed and much of the finance that has been provided has not been accessible due to the need to build capacity of national decisionmakers and policymakers in the Global South and align international financial support with national climate plans.

The SNAPFI project – Strengthening National Climate Policy Implementation: Comparative Empirical Learning & Creating Linkages to Climate Finance – seeks to inform national policymakers in developing nations with science-based policy advice on the effectiveness of a range of financial instruments, building capacity and aligning climate finance to enable the implementation of effective national climate policy. 

In these brand-new country reports from the project, SNAPFI provides insight into the key policies that could finally unlock international climate finance:

  • Research from the Center for Sustainability Studies of Fundação Getulio Vargas in Brazil found that collaborative efforts between dedicated individuals helps to accelerate change.
  • The Institute of Technology Bandung found that fragmented government practices lock Indonesia into an “energy trilemma”.
  • The report by the University of Cape Town provides lessons learned from South Africa’s innovative Just Energy Transition Investment Plan (JETP).
  • The team from DIW Berlin examined how to bridge national development and global climate finance impacts through dialogue in Brazil.

The insights from these reports will be discussed by lead researchers LIVE from Indonesia during Climate Week NYC. Find out more HERE

A representative from DIW Berlin – the lead organisation in the SNAPFI project said:

“The final series of SNAPFI reports expound the linkage between international climate finance and domestic policies in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and South Africa. These reports provide a foundation for climate finance discussions at Climate Week NYC. They provide insights from around the world, on an enormous range of topics – from biofuels and decarbonisation credits in Brazil to climate energy governance in Indonesia.”