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What is the role of carbon capture and storage in climate mitigation?

Join us at the Nordic Pavilion for this conversation on the role of carbon capture & negative emissions technologies.

We’re looking for short-term advisory services on coal transition in Silesia

Are you an expert in coal transitions in Eastern Europe? We’re looking for an individual or organisation who can help us with analysing coal transitions in Silesia.

Roundtable lunch on identifying risks and opportunities in the low-carbon transition

This invite-only roundtable will introduce a new framework for deciding on climate policies to key decision-makers.

Voices from the regions: sharing first-hand experiences of coal phase out in Europe and beyond

This virtual event is part of the EU Side Events at COP26. It will provide practical perspectives and inspiring insights from European and international actors involved in coal transition at the regional level.

Policy, business, and social challenges for carbon dioxide removals and carbon capture & storage

Join this virtual EU Side Event on CDR and CCS during COP26 on 1 November 2021.

Oil and Gas as the Next Climate Frontier: Just Transitions from Black to Green

Join us at the Danish COP26 Pavilion to learn how Denmark, Norway and the UK can become first movers on oil & gas transitions.

Aligning finance with the Paris Agreement and unlocking $100 billion

Join this virtual COP26 EU Side Event to hear from leading researchers on how to align international finance with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

EEIST at COP26: Transformative Energy Innovation Dialogues

Join us for an evening reception at COP26 UK Pavilion when the EEIST project presents its risk-opportunity analysis framework to guide decision-making on climate policy.

Accelerating implementation of the Paris Agreement: Ambition and Just Transitions

Join us in the Forth Room, COP26 Blue Zone for this event to hear first-hand insights on making a just transition a reality around the globe.

The days of coal are numbered. It’s time for Russia to get ready for the energy transition

In this blog post, Anna Korppoo and Andrzej Błachowicz explain why Russia needs to get ready for the clean energy transition.

The Russian coal sector in a low-carbon world: Prospects for a Coal Transition?

This insights report identifies elements of a potential Russian coal transition.

Green development of Russian coal-intensive regions: opportunities and innovations

In this perspectives paper, the authors explore the role of coal mining in regional economies of Russia. They also look at plans to diversify economies of regions dependent on coal.

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