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Auctioning of EU ETS phase II allowances: how and why?

The European Directive on the EU ETS allows governments to auction up to 10% of the allowances issued in phase II…

Allocation and competitiveness in the EU emissions trading scheme: Policy overview

The European emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) has an efficient and effective market design that risks being undermined by three interrelated…

The impact of CO2 emissions trading on firm profits and market prices

The introduction of mandatory controls and a trading scheme covering approximately half of all carbon dioxide emissions across Europe has triggered…

Analysis of EU ETS News Flow for an Investor Audience

This is a report produced by Entec for the Carbon Trust Investor Engagement programme.

The environmental effectiveness and economic efficiency of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: Structural aspects of allocation

WWF has commissioned ko-Institut together with a consortium of co-operation partners from across Europe AVANZI (Italy), EcoSolutionsConsulting (Poland), ILEX (UK) and…