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Emerging Japanese Emissions trading schemes and prospects for linking

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Tackling Carbon: How to price carbon for climate policy

Carbon emissions from energy production and industrial processes are deeply entrenched in our economies. To mitigate the risk of catastrophic climate…

Competitive distortions and leakage in a world of different carbon prices: Trade, competitiveness and employment challenges when meeting the post-2012 climate commitments in the European Union

This study compilation is an attempt to present the policy options available in this possible future situation of different levels of…

Energy and Climate: Opportunities for the G-8

This report, commissioned by Nick Butler, Director of the Cambridge Centre for Energy Studies, sets out five key proposals for G8…

Scaling Up AFOLU Mitigation Activities in Non Annex 1 Countries

This paper was commissioned by the Office of Climate Change as background work to its report ‘Climate Change: Financing Global Forests’…

Developing the International Carbon Market. Linking Options for the EU ETS

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