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Closing the Green Deal for Industry

In this position paper, European researchers propose a set of refinements to the leaked draft CBAM proposal by the European Commission.

A design of the carbon border adjustment mechanism for an inclusive transition to climate neutrality

This policy package proposes a design of the carbon border adjustment mechanism for an inclusive transition to climate neutrality

Scaling up climate finance in the context of Covid-19

This Green Climate Fund report aims to help financial decision-makers to align finance with sustainable development in the context of Covid-19.

Visions for the future of the Russian coal industry in light of the global decarbonisation trend

This paper analyses the different domestic discourses on the future of the Russian coal sector. None of the main narratives foresees a coal phase-out.

Carbon Contracts for Difference. An assessment of selected socio-economic impacts for Germany

This report offers insights to support key German stakeholders on the implementation of an innovative and promising policy instrument for the…

Critical Junctions on the Journey to 1.5°C: The Decisive Decade

The report, Critical Junctions on the Journey to 1.5°C: The Decisive Decade, examines and distils the key findings in 10 influential…

Unlocking the low-carbon transition of the basic materials sector

Explore these infographics explaining a policy package to decarbonise the EU basic materials sector. It was developed by climate policy researchers, through discussions with industry and policy actors from across Europe.

Sewage Treatment for the Skies. Mobilising carbon dioxide removal through public policies and private financing

Public funding could scale up Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) technologies, this new report by Perspectives Climate Research of the NET-RAPIDO project finds. While CDR does not replace the need to drastically cut back emissions, an ensemble of CDR approaches could contribute to limiting global warming.

Project brief: Incorporating Just Transition Strategies in Developing Country NDCs and post-Covid responses

Increasing climate ambitions while managing the Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge for all countries. A Climate Strategies project explores how the Just Transition concept can be applied in developing countries to integrate emission reduction and long-term sustainable recovery.

Project brief: The Russian Coal Sector. Challenges and transition opportunities

This is a key moment to engage with the Russian energy sector. A new research project will provide insights into the macroeconomic and social stability of coal-producing regions in Russia and outline pathways forward as the world shifts to a low-carbon energy system.

Transforming industrial clusters to implement the European Green Deal

The European Green Deal aims to reduce European Union (EU) greenhouse gas emissions by 55% in 2030 compared to 1990 and…

Unlocking transition to climate-friendly material sector in Europe with Carbon Contracts for Difference and Climate Contribution

This policy brief presents an overview of the key takeaways from the CFM TRACTION project, which focused on refining the concepts…