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Russian Climate Strategy: Imitating Leadership

This new analysis shows Russia’s climate policies are largely falling flat and warns its few remaining partners against climate cooperation with the country.

Guidelines: Advancing Just Transitions in Indonesia

These new Guidelines will help policymakers, business leaders, and civil society organisations in Indonesia to create just transition-aligned climate policies

Accelerating systemic net-zero transitions in India

This briefing summarises key interventions that can trigger a systemic transformation to net-zero in India.

Russian Oil and Gas: One Year of War Reverses Decades of Energy Diplomacy

This report analyses the impact of sanctions on the Russian oil and gas sector and the energy transition more widely. It…

New realities of the Russian coal sector: Focus on Kuzbass

This insights report provides decision-makers with an in-depth analysis of the sanctions’ impact and potential scenarios for the future of Russia’s main coal region, Kuzbass.

Just Transitions and Coal Power Phase-out in Vietnam

This country report sets out key recommendations on a just transition and coal phase out in Vietnam.

Reaching new heights: 2022 Annual Report

In 2022, Climate Strategies was able to grow its impact and reach. Find out more about our key milestones from 2022 in our Annual Report.

Key Considerations for Unified Just Transitions in Argentina

This report offers key recommendations for just climate transitions in Argentina.

Challenges, Opportunities, and Recommendations for a Just Transition in Laos

This new research offers insights into a just transition in Laos and recommendations to boost inclusive climate policy making.

Accelerating systemic net-zero transitions in Indonesia

This briefing summarises key interventions that can trigger systemic transformation to net-zero in Indonesia.

State of Climate Action and the Scope for a Just Transition in Malawi

Without a just transition approach, climate adaptation plans in Malawi risk leaving smallholders behind, this report finds.

Incorporating Just Transitions in Kenya’s Low-Carbon Economy Development Path

This report highlights challenges and opportunities for just transitions in key sectors of the Kenya’s economy.