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New Country Report from the EEIST Project: India

India stands at a critical juncture in its journey to meet its 2070 net zero ambition. Despite the country’s renewable energy capacity having quadrupled over the last decade, fossil fuels still comprise over 80% of India’s primary energy supply. Meeting India’s increasing energy demand while phasing down fossil fuels will mean more than just scaling up renewable energy.

Available Now: EEIST Synthesis Report

The Economics of Energy Innovation and System Transition (EEIST) project has worked to develop and apply analytical concepts and methods that can be useful to policymakers in contexts of innovation and structural change. This Synthesis reports some of the key findings.

New Country Report from the EEIST Project: China

This report outlines power sector reforms developing in China and the increasingly complex landscape of climate and energy policies intended to support carbon neutrality.

NEW SNAPFI SYNTHESIS REPORT: International climate finance architecture

In this report, we explore the experiences related to the use of financial instruments and policies to support sectoral transitions in…

Climate Strategies’ Annual Report 2023

2023 was another successful year for Climate Strategies: we continued to break records on all fronts – from our unprecedented presence…

New Country Report from the EEIST Project: Brazil

New and upcoming country reports summarise work performed during the past three years on innovation in the energy sector. They assess the impact of environmental policies on trade and emissions, as part of an international programme on the Economics of Energy Innovation and System Transition (EEIST).

Bridging the Divide: Assessing the Viability of International Cooperation on Border Carbon Adjustments

In this report, Climate Strategies members make a case for international cooperation in relation to Border Carbon Adjustments (BCAs) and assess…

NEW SNAPFI REPORT: The Synergy between Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

The report aims to explore how policymakers may identify and capitalise on the potential for synergies between mitigation and adaptation, as well as how international climate finance can support these synergies.

New policy briefs from the EEIST project

Leading researchers from the University of Oxford are using pioneering economic modelling techniques to identify pathways for clean energy transitions in…

NEW SNAPFI REPORT: How does international climate finance interact with national policy processes?

Evidence from public and private climate finance in the land use and forestry sectors of Brazil. Brazil’s socio-economic development opportunities are…

NEW SNAPFI REPORT: Climate-Energy Governance Model in Indonesia

Fragmented government practices are locking Indonesia into energy trilemma. As global governance shifts from a legally binding top-down approach to a…

NEW SNAPFI REPORT: The role of the Just Energy Transition Partnership in contributing to the implementation of South Africa’s NDC

Since its announcement at COP26, South Africa’s JETP has received lots of international attention due to its potential to provide useful…