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2021 Annual Report

Explore the impact of our projects and learn more about our members in Climate Strategies’ 2021 Annual Report.

The New Economics of Innovation and Transition: Evaluating Opportunities and Risks

This flagship report reviews evidence and theory to explain the limitations of traditional appraisal methods and the rationale for a new policy decision-making framework based on evaluating risks and opportunities.

How consumers can help to decarbonise the electricity system

The role of electricity demand-side flexibility (DSF) and policy implications for China The two central challenges of decarbonizing the world’s energy…

The Russian coal sector in a low-carbon world: Prospects for a Coal Transition?

This insights report identifies elements of a potential Russian coal transition.

Green development of Russian coal-intensive regions: opportunities and innovations

In this perspectives paper, the authors explore the role of coal mining in regional economies of Russia. They also look at plans to diversify economies of regions dependent on coal.

Economic diversification in Russia’s Kuzbass coal region

This policy brief examines plans to diversify the economy of Russia’s main coal region, Kuzbass. While the Russian government recognises this need as the world gradually shifts away from coal, all promoted options involve fossil fuels.

Incorporating just transition strategies into developing countries NDCs and Covid-19 responses

This report finds each developing country needs to define their own approach to Just Transition and proposes several guiding principles to help governments lead this process.

Policy approaches to guide finance flows for more effective climate action in South Africa

SNAPFI’s research team at the University of Cape Town explores how financial and broader policies in South Africa can increase the…

Towards Climate Governance Model for the Indonesian energy Sector: Mapping on Actor Interaction

Researchers from the Climate Change Center of Bandung Institute of Technology investigate in their study the current climate-energy governance model in…

Mobilizing the Private Sector for Developing Resilient Infrastructure in India

The 2021 SNAPFI study by the Energy and Resources Institute in cooperation with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi assesses the…

International dimensions of industry decarbonization: Elements of international cooperation approaches

Reflecting on the example of industry decarbonisation, the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW) investigates how international public climate finance (ICF)…

Drivers of and barriers to capital market investments in low-carbon infrastructure in Brazil

The 2021 SNAPFI study from the Center for Sustainability Studies of Fundação Getulio Vargas identifies the main barriers to and drivers…