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North Sea oil and gas transition from a regional and global perspective

The UK, Norway and Denmark all have gaps in policies aimed at ensuring a just transition, a Oil and Gas Transitions Initiative report compiled by Stockholm Environment Institute finds.

Exploring Just Transition in the Global South

This report explores the role of a just transition in nine countries across the Global South. It summarises insights from local partners in Argentina, Bangladesh, Colombia, Indonesia, Ghana, Kenya, Laos, Malawi, and Vietnam.

Addressing export concerns in the CBAM file

This policy brief discusses how the CBAM file (carbon border adjustment mechanism) and EU ETS file (free allocation) together can play a major role in creating effective incentives for a climate-friendly modernisation of European industry while addressing leakage concerns.

Tracking greenhouse gas removals: Baseline and monitoring methodologies, additionality, testing, and accounting

This report offers an overview of existing and planned carbon dioxide removal tracking methodologies, specific proposals for refining and revising existing ones, overcoming gaps and problems in an efficient and yet environmentally robust manner.

Exploring emerging norms of climate neutrality: implications for international climate cooperation and finance

This SNAPFI report summarises findings related to climate neutrality as emerging norm and implications for international climate cooperation and the design of international climate finance.

North Sea Oil and Gas: Potential Technological Transformation Towards Net-Zero Emissions

ansition in the North Sea? This new report by Aalborg University looks at two case studies in Denmark.

2021 Annual Report

Explore the impact of our projects and learn more about our members in Climate Strategies’ 2021 Annual Report.

The New Economics of Innovation and Transition: Evaluating Opportunities and Risks

This flagship report reviews evidence and theory to explain the limitations of traditional appraisal methods and the rationale for a new policy decision-making framework based on evaluating risks and opportunities.

The future is Built on the Past: Just Industrial and Energy Transitions in the UK and Scotland

This report from the Oil and Gas Transitions initiative analyses the status of oil and gas transitions in the United Kingdom and particularly in Scotland.

Norwegian Oil and Gas Transition: Building bridges towards a carbon neutral future

This report from the Oil and Gas Transitions initiative explores the status of just oil and gas transitions in Norway.

Denmark without Oil and Gas Production: Opportunities and Challenges

This report from the Oil and Gas Transitions initiative looks at the status of just oil and gas transitions in Denmark.

How consumers can help to decarbonise the electricity system

The role of electricity demand-side flexibility (DSF) and policy implications for China The two central challenges of decarbonizing the world’s energy…