Coal Transitions was a KR Foundation funded, +2-year transdisciplinary, international effort to link and reinforce policy, research and advocacy efforts on coal transition in different countries.

The project aimed to fill the gap of international dialogue and lesson learning on coal transition, but will also to link to other initiatives focusing on coal, such as on the investor side.

Coal Transitions’ international coverage included Australia, China, Germany, India, Poland and South Africa.

Reports produced by Coal Transitions between 2017 and 2018:

  1. Synthesis report of the Coal Transition projectSeptember 2018
  2. Coal Transition in China: National ReportSeptember 2018
  3. Coal Transition in India: National ReportSeptember 2018
  4. Coal Transition in South Africa: National ReportSeptember 2018
  5. Coal Transition in Australia: National ReportSeptember 2018
  6. Coal Transition in Poland: National ReportSeptember 2018
  7. Coal Transition in Germany: National ReportSeptember 2018
  8. What does “peak coal” mean for international coal exporters? A global modelling analysis on the future of the international steam coal marketSeptember 2018
  9. An Historical Case Study on Previous Coal Transitions in GermanyJuly 2018
  10. Transition Policy for Climate Change Mitigation: Who, What, Why and HowMay 2018
  11. Coal Taxes as Supply – Side Climate Policy: A Rationale For Major Exporters?May 2017 (journal article – subscription required)
  12. Strengthening National Coal Transitions to Raise Climate AmbitionNovember 2017
  13. Transitioning Beyond Coal: Lessons from the Structural Renewal of Europe’s Old Industrial RegionsNovember 2017
  14. Prospects for a “Just Transition” Away from Coal-Fired Power Generation in AustraliaNovember 2017
  15. Coal Transitions in China’s Power Sector: A Plant-Level Assessment of Stranded Assets and Retirement PathwaysNovember 2017
  16. Lessons from Previous Coal Transitions, Synthesis Report2017
  17. Country Case Study – Czech Republic2017
  18. Country Case Study – Spain2017
  19. Country Case Study – Poland2017
  20. Country Case Study – The Netherlands2017
  21. Country Case Study – The United Kingdom2017
  22. Country Case Study – The United States2017