In September 2014, IDDRI, together with a number of European think tanks led by Climate
Strategies, published two papers on the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework. The first was an indepth
report its “Discussion Paper on What Is Needed in the EU 2030 Climate and Energy
Framework”. This paper outlined a number of important principles upon which the 2030 Framework
should be developed, as well as a number of specific policy proposals for discussion. The second
paper was an in depth scenario analysis of the impacts of a disruption to European natural gas
supplies and different options to mitigate these risks. Both papers were the interim results of an
ongoing collaboration between more than 10 different European think tanks and academic
institutions on the 2030 Framework.
These two papers together outlined three principal needs:
1. Policies that address both price and non-price barriers to decarbonisation.
2. Scaling up investment in strategically important sectors for decarbonisation, energy efficiency
and in energy security infrastructure
3. Effective mechanisms for planning and coordination to achieve national and European goals

This paper summerises the EU Council conclusions on the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework with respect to what we had proposed in our papers.