Carbon-CAP Policy Brief 1: Consumption-based Accounting and Policies: Challenges and Opportunities ahead

This policy brief is based on the output pf the project Carbon-CAP: Consumption- based Accounting and Policies. This project aims to stimulate an effective climate policy mix – in the EU and internationally – that can address increasing consumption-related emissions in addition to the current focus on production emissions. It combines work on accounting models with cutting-edge policy research. Tackling climate change requires complementing production-focused policies with consumption-based approaches. Doing so can also help to more directly address consumption as a driver of increasing emissions by realising a wider range of mitigation options along the value chain and at the point of final consumption.

Author: J. Barrett, K. Scott, D. Crawford Brown, R. Wood, D, Moran, E. Arcese, A. Blachowicz
Year: 2015
Type: Policy briefs