The report aims to explore how policymakers may identify and capitalise on the potential for synergies between mitigation and adaptation, as well as how international climate finance can support these synergies.

The paper argues that it is critical to integrate climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation
actions so that the combined effects of their synergies exceed the sum of their co-benefits if these
actions were applied separately.

The paper proposes a set of recommendations to aid in the implementation of these actions across the economies. It is important to note that, while the authors are convinced of their conclusions, there is little hard evidence to back them up. These were formulated based on an analysis of recent practices, assuming their positive effects, rather than on an assessment of ex-post impacts that have not yet been observed.

Particular focus is on Brazil, India, Indonesia, and South Africa. A perspective from Germany is given to illustrate how the relationship between federal and local government might affect the governance of mitigation and adaptation projects, and which barriers inhibit the implementation
of a more integrated approach.