The Special Issue focuses on the on key elements of energy governance and cover aspects of both regional cooperation and coordination and EU level processes. You can find the full issue OPEN ACCESS via the Climate Policy Journal website.

This Special issue was funded by the European Commission representation in Berlin.

Please take alook at the articles inside this issue below.

  • European Energy Governance and Decarbonization Policy: Learning from the 2020 Strategy (Editorial).
  • Shaping the ‘Energy Union’: between national positions and governance innovation in EU energy and climate policy.
  • An offshore wind union? Diversity and convergence in European offshore wind governance.
  • Situational analysis of EU renewable energy legislation
  • Sharing the gains from EU–Western Balkan renewable electricity cooperation.
  • Varieties of capitalism and clean energy transitions in the European Union: When renewable energy hits different economic logics.
  • Nuclear Energy and Path Dependence in Europe’s ‘Energy Union’: Coherence or Continued Divergence.
  • Assessment of the EU 10% interconnection target in the context of CO2.