How to enable the private sector to mitigate?
Building capacity and creating an enabling environment for low-carbon business activities in developing countries

The study concludes with the following key recommendations;

  • CDM capacity building, partly successful in the past, has to be downscaled and focused on Least Developed Countries, Programmes of Activities and in-country demand. Capacity building for new market mechanisms should be restricted to promotion and pilot activities until a political decision for their introduction is taken; already from the beginning, coordination has to be assured to avoid the overlaps experienced with CDM capacity building.
  • The private sector should to be acknowledged as target group for capacity building in the UN negotiations. Business-related capacity building should be enlarged but missing capacities of low-carbon businesses have to better studied.
  • The enabling environment is to be more clearly defined; both regarding purpose and components. Programmes to strengthen the core business environment (in general) should focusmore on low-carbon business activities, and climate-friendly industries can be used as testing ground. NAMAs can learn from and should be linked to existing climate-change policies.