In this perspective paper, the authors explore the role of coal mining in regional economies of Russia. They also look at plans to diversify economies of regions dependent on coal. The paper is part of the Russian Coal Sector project.

Scenarios for green development in Russia’s coal regions

For these regions, the paper proposes new development avenues. This study considers sustainable options only (i.e. fossil free pathways), offering five major innovative ideas that can be implemented in the regions affected by coal mining:

  1. Creating new added value from abandoned coal mines
  2. Developing wind and solar PV power generation and production of equipment for these industries
  3. Producing and exporting bioenergy (e.g. pellets)
  4. Establishing sustainable manufacturing through the creation of green special economic zones (GSEZ)
  5. Supporting small businesses and entrepreneurship.

The key proposal of the paper is the creation of a GSEZ in Kuzbass offering tax incentives and sustainable infrastructure.