Photo by Crystal Kwok on Unsplash

Efforts targeting deep decarbonisation have so far been limited in the materials sector. Policy makers have been operating with limited knowledge of climate friendly alternatives, and incomplete perspectives over a possible package of policies and incentives that could drive the low-carbon transformation of these industries. Instead, much of the policy debate is focusing on carbon leakage risks, which inhibited implementation of stringent policy despite the availability of robust solutions.

This policy brief identifies seven categories of mitigation options for the materials sector and maps a portfolio of policy instruments that could unlock these options. To help narrowing down the options for discussion, this brief identified three main policy gaps that currently prevent substantial progress:

  1. Partial and incomplete incentives to enhance recycling
  2. Missing short- and long-term markets for climate-friendly options
  3. Missing policy signals that carbon-intensive production will be phased out

For further details outlined in this policy brief, please also download the full report.