EU2030 Framework Principles Papers

The objective of the project EU CLIMATE AND ENERGY POLICY POST-2020 Key Elements of the Package is to provide innovative, scientifically robust policy analysis on targeted issues within in the debate on the post-2020 climate and energy policy framework. The project is structured around three work streams:Reforming the EU ETS, approaches to effort sharing, negotiation and balancing harmonisation and national circumstances, Synergies between targets (structure and objectives of targets). Each individual work-stream is intended to focus on a political or technical choke-point within the package discussions, rather than addressing all issues. The project is currently in its inception and fundraising phase.

Author: O.Sartor, T.Spencer, I. Bart, I. Cochran. M. Colombier, K. Neuhoff, A. Szpor, A. Tuerk, and T. Wyns
Year: 2014
Type: Working papers