The report, Critical Junctions on the Journey to 1.5°C: The Decisive Decade, examines and distils the key findings in 10 influential reports released over the past year. It thus provides a valuable one-stop resource highlighting the most effective, science-backed approaches to reducing emissions. 

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Critical Junctions on the Journey to 1.5°C in the Decisive Decade was commissioned by the Mission 2020 campaign. Climate Strategies member Joyashree Roy is its lead author. It is one of a series of reports on the changes we need to make in the 2020s. By doing so, we can halve emissions, regenerate nature and set the world on track to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Mission 2020 published the first in the series, Prelude to a Great Regeneration, in December 2020. It shines a light on the characteristics we’ll need to embody to ensure success. The third Decisive Decade initiative report, due out this spring, is an Inquiry into the Future of Climate Action.