Report: Carbon-CAP Findings

The aim of Carbon-CAP was to stimulate an effective climate policy mix, in the EU and internationally, to address emissions related to consumption in addition to those related to production. The project looked into the role of international trade, examined consumption-based accounting methodologies and explored what policies options might be available to reduce emissions from consumption.

The findings of the three year project are summarised in the final report, available for download. Full details of the project are available on the Carbon-CAP website.

Author: Martin van de Lindt (TNO), Sophie Emmert (TNO), Arnold Tukker (TNO), Annela Anger-Kraavi (CE), Karsten Neuhoff (DIW), Andrzej Blachowicz (CS), Henry Derwent (CS), Alexandra Carr (CS), Germana Canzi (CS), Dough Crawford-Brown (4CMR)
Year: 2017
Type: Final paper