Analysis of easing policies particularly in relation to energy intensive industries and the risk of carbon leakage



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There are a number of studies from the’International Industry Competitiveness, Carbon Leakage, and Approaches to Carbon Pricing’project that served as background studies for thesynthesisof the paper seriesprepared in collaboration with the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan.

Modelling climate goals and the challenges from pricing carbon for energy-intensive industries describing a modelling approach (CASE II) to identify the impact from different measures on industries leakage risk for the EU and Japan (CASE-ASIA).

International Industry Competitiveness, Carbon Leakage, and Approaches to Carbon Pricing summarising the state of research undertaken by Climate Strategies on carbon leakage and competitiveness.

Carbon pricing and its future role for energy-intensive industries a sector-by-sector synthesis on competitiveness and carbon leakage focusing on steel, cement, aluminium, chemicals, and pulp and paper.

Author: Susanne Droege
Year: 2012
Type: Working papers