Which key interventions can trigger a systemic net-zero transition in Nigeria?

This briefing presents a list of opportunities for international finance to speed up net-zero transitions in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. It looks at key areas including waste management, agriculture and forestry, clean energy, oil and gas and engaging key political decision-makers.

Photo by Muhammad-taha Ibrahim on Unsplash


Innovative financial and non-financial support can catalyse private sector-driven cleantech entrepreneurship opportunities. This will attract the much-needed additional resources and commercial investment into demonstrator pilots in areas such as waste-to-electricity, waste-to-organic fertilizer, low-carbon transportation, climate-smart agriculture and agro-forestry entrepreneurship. These sectors accounted for approximately 93% of GDP in 2021, offer high potential return on investment for relatively small levels of investment, and can generate more job opportunities than the oil sector.


This briefing was authored by Schrodinger Greentech Limited as part of the Net Zero Political Economy project. The project received financial and in-kind support from the ClimateWorks Foundation. The briefing is the work of the authors and does not necessarily represent the views of Climate Strategies or ClimateWorks Foundation.