Is there a case for the EU moving beyond 20% GHG emissions reduction target by 2020?


Moving from 20 to 30% emission reduction by 2020? – Reaching the 80% emission reduction target while securing the benefits of transitioning towards a low carbon economy

This CS project led by the Paris-based Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) will focus on the different kinds of arguments that can be mobilized to answer this question based on the following inputs:

  • CIRED Center for International Research on Environment and Development on the time consistency of the EU emissions reduction pathway, and
    the competitiveness and leakage impact of moving to 30% by 2020
  • E3G on the global race towards low carbon technology competitiveness
  • ECN on the low carbon technology innovation and diffusion implications of moving to 30%
  • ECOFYS on the consistency on the EU emission reduction, renewable energy and energy efficiency target, and
    on the energy security impacts of moving to 30%
  • ICE International Consulting on Energy on the employment impact of climate policies
  • IDDRI on the investment dynamics in the electricity sector

An expert seminar has been organised by The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Germanwatch and Climate Strategies on “How to Win New Member State Support for Stronger EU Climate Policy? An EU Implementation Strategy for Move to 30%”. The workshop report is available for download as a  FIIA Briefing Paper.