Is there a case for the EU moving beyond 20% GHG emissions reduction target by 2020?

This project explored the possibility of reaching the 80% emission reduction target while securing the benefits of transitioning towards a low carbon economy.

Year: 2010 Past Project

  • Overview

    Focusing on the different arguments that can be mobilised to answer this question, the project looked at the following inputs:

    • CIRED Center for International Research on Environment and Development on the time consistency of the EU emissions reduction pathway, and
      the competitiveness and leakage impact of moving to 30% by 2020
    • E3G on the global race towards low carbon technology competitiveness
    • ECN on the low carbon technology innovation and diffusion implications of moving to 30%
    • ECOFYS on the consistency on the EU emission reduction, renewable energy and energy efficiency target, and
      on the energy security impacts of moving to 30%
    • ICE International Consulting on Energy on the employment impact of climate policies
    • IDDRI on the investment dynamics in the electricity sector

    FIIA Finish institute of International Affairs on the energy security impacts of moving to 30% for Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia (available for download: Linking an EU emission reduction target by 20% to Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe) and on the use of the EU budget to support the transition towards a low carbon economy in Central and eastern European (CEE) countries (available for download: Can the EU budget support climate policy in Central and Eastern Europe?)

  • Partners

    Led by the Paris-based Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI).