Global Climate Policy Conference (GCPC)



The international climate action, driven by UNFCCC or by actors on the ground, requires support with actionable ideas. Hence an interaction between researchers on one side and policy makers and business stakeholders on the other side is crucial. It allows negotiators to benefit from relevant research and it directs researchers towards projects which can have tangible impact on the international climate regime. Such two-way interactions contribute significantly to building intellectual capacity in the climate policy space, especially in developing regions.

In 2014, Climate Strategies created a platform to address the issue above and organised its first ‘Global Climate Policy Conference’ (GCPC) in London, UK. Our idea was successfully received and we subsequently delivered two more editions of GCPC, in New Delhi, India in 2015 and in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 2016. We will host the next edition of the GCPC in Sao Paulo, Brazil in August 2018.

The conference is a two day event:

  • Day 1 is driven by presentations from researchers selected through a competitive, open call for actionable research ideas. A Conference Committee, comprising of researchers and representatives of conference partners, performs the evaluation of proposals judging on the basis of novelty and quality of ideas, relevance of an area, and potential for impact. Up to eight proposals are selected and presented during thematic sessions. Each session also features respondents from governments, businesses and civil society.
  • Day 2 is driven by practitioners likely to benefit from research output presented on day one. Usually we also work out in smaller groups to hash out conclusions and the way forward.

Each year, a post-conference publication is prepared, featuring major conclusions from the conference. We also introduced a conference video during GCPC 2016, which provided a concise overview of the conference events, for outreach to a wider audience of relevant stakeholders.


The conference has three main objectives:

  1. Capacity building for local researchers in disseminating innovative ideas and information to key stakeholders and governments.
  2. Providing a platform for interactions between a wide range of stakeholders, from academia, government and business, to aid in understanding potential climate mitigation and adaptation actions.
  3. Strengthening intellectual and resilience capacity (including identification of the economy-wide investment priorities) needs within developing countries.


Please follow the links below to read more detail about each GCPC edition.


Climate Strategies engages with a number of international and regional partners in order to convene our successful conferences. Current and past partners include: