Climate Technology and Development Project

Climate Technology and Development Project

Duration: 2012-2014

This project’s principal aim is to refocus national and international policy agendas in order to improve the prospects for enhancing technology development, diffusion and transfer. The overarching question the project answers is:

What are conditions for innovation for climate-compatible development for different categories (the emerging industry, the rising middle class, the base of the pyramid) in developing countries?’

This overarching question is framed in the following sub-questions:

1. In what situations and in what ways can international technology initiatives make a difference?

2. What can and should the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism do?

3. What could be the role of Climate Innovation Centres (CICs) in the context of innovation systems in developing countries?

4. Along different technology value chains, what are points of intervention for firms and policymakers? For example: How can private sector players position themselves to capture value? Where can international or national policy makers intervene in the value chain to enhance innovation and technology transfer?

The project will translate the latest academic insights to policy, explore the national and international instruments for advancing technology, including the emerging UNFCCC Technology Mechanism and bilateral initiatives, and analyse case studies which provide lessons learned on how the systemic, contextual aspects of technology innovation and transfer matter for interventions for low-carbon development (e.g. by studying technology value-chains).

The rationale behind this aim is that there is a large amount of academic thinking and literature on how to enhance innovation and technology transfer for climate compatible development, but it is currently not integrated well into national policy decisions in developing countries nor in the international climate negotiations under the UNFCCC.

In pursuing this project aim, the project takes a perspective on climate-compatible development which combines climate mitigation and sustainable development goals as stated by developing countries.

Project Partners

Lachlan Cameron – Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, The Netherlands
Gabriel Blanco – Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rob Byrne – Sussex University, UK
Kelly Gallagher – Tufts University, USA
Ambuj Sagar – Indian Institute for Technology Delhi, India
Heleen de Coninck – Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

This project is funded by the Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)