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CS at Bonn 2024: Guidelines & policy frameworks to promote Just Transitions

At the Bonn Climate Change Conference, Climate Strategies’ Adriana Chavarría Flores addressed Party delegates, researchers, industry representatives & more – at…

European consortium launched to investigate the research governance of controversial Solar Radiation Modification technologies 

Over the next three years, a group of European researchers will examine the governance principles and guidelines for responsible Solar Radiation…

India is at a pivotal juncture in its energy transition and requires far-reaching policies to meet net zero goals

Leading climate researchers at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), WRI India, and top universities are pioneering innovative ways in which…

New report shines a light on the future of China’s power sector

Top researchers from the Economics of Energy Innovation and System Transition (EEIST) project have released a report outlining power sector reforms…

New Report Unveils Insights into International Climate Finance Architecture

On the 20th of March, 2024, leading researchers published a report titled, International Climate Finance Architecture: Enabling Sectoral Transitions in Emerging…

Climate Strategies at COP28: Our reflections on Week 1

As Week 1 of COP28 drew to a close, the Climate Strategies Secretariat reflected on the mixed progress of these increasingly urgent negotiations.  

COP28: Climate Strategies’ statement for 2023 High-level Roundtable on Just Transition 

On 3rd December, Climate Strategies addressed the 2023 High-level Roundtable on Just Transition at COP28. This statement is rooted in Climate…

Special Issue of Climate Policy injects fresh evidence into the COP28 debate on oil and gas just transitions

A collection of articles from leading researchers, published today in Climate Policy’s Special Issue: Oil and Gas Just Transitions, supports calls for more ambitious…

Green light for Augures!

We were delighted to receive confirmation of a grant to fund Augures! – a groundbreaking project pursuing new, dynamic forms of…

Climate Week NYC Event summary: Tackling Oil and Gas Expansion Through Just Transitions

22 September 2023 | 8:30am-11:30am EDT Blender Workspace, 135 Madison Ave Floor 8, New York, NY 10016, United States Last Friday,…

India can become a world leader in green hydrogen – if it connects industry to the grid

New analysis from the University of Exeter-led EEIST project has found that grid-connected green hydrogen and ammonia can help India meet…

Unlocking international climate finance will be a key theme for the Global South during Climate Week NYC

In the countdown to Climate Week NYC, leading research institutions in Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa and the EU are launching…

Top researchers state that governments need to stop “propping up” the oil and gas industry and start driving fossil fuel phase-out

New research published today by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Climate Strategies shines a spotlight on the action needed to…

Just Transitions are vital to boost climate resilience and create an equitable future for all

New research published today by Climate Strategies and the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) concludes that Bangladesh’s climate policies must…

C4U Consortium collaborate to publish article in Carbon Capture Journal

The C4U Consortium recently produced an article for the Carbon Capture Journal entitled, “Achieving emissions reduction targets in the iron and…

C4U project featured in the latest edition of the European Commission’s Horizon Magazine

(29th June 2023) – We were delighted to see the C4U project referenced in Horizon Magazine, and UCL Research Associate Dr…

Colombia advances just transition policies as new research shows they can fight both global warming and inequality

The Government of Colombia is making progress in advancing a just transition to simultaneously meet climate targets and tackle inequality, based on a new, research-backed report.

Seven new leading researchers join Climate Strategies network

We are pleased to welcome seven new leading climate researchers to Climate Strategies. Our global network will benefit from their diverse…

Andrzej Błachowicz appointed as CEO of Climate Strategies

As we continue to level up our small, but growing research network, Andrzej Błachowicz has been appointed CEO of Climate Strategies to guide our strategic development.

Russia’s few remaining partners should be wary of its empty climate promises

New analysis shows that Russia’s climate plans are largely falling flat and its remaining partners should be way of its empty climate promises.

Accelerating a just coal transition in Vietnam

A new South to South Just Transitions report sets out key recommendations on a just transition and coal phase out in Vietnam.

New Just Transition toolkit for decision-makers in Indonesia

A new Just Transition guide helps Indonesian decision-makers navigate a fair transition to a green economy,

New heights for Climate Strategies in 2022

Climate Strategies is proud to release its second-ever Annual Report. It highlights key achievements of the research network in 2022.

Can Argentina champion a Just Transition?

A new report investigates how Argentina can lead just climate transitions.

Malawi’s new climate adaptation plans could boost food security, but risks leaving smallholders behind

Elements in Malawi’s plans to adapt to global warming put the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in the country at risk. By involving affected farmers and other vulnerable communities in shaping the country’s climate plans, Malawi’s government can, however, propel a fair climate transition.

Without a Just Transition, Kenya’s response to climate change risks leaving millions behind

The livelihoods of millions of Kenyans are at risk due to climate change. Urgent action is needed to avoid possible job losses due to climate impacts. However, new research finds that current plans to tackle climate change in Kenya could make inequality worse.

Clear North Sea transition roadmaps away from oil and gas could deliver climate goals early and mitigate the energy crisis

New Oil and Gas Transitions reports outline precisely in co-produced scenarios how the experience, resources, knowledge and skills shared by Denmark, Norway and the UK could be used to lead the North Sea’s clean energy transition.

Governments must invest and regulate to bring down energy costs, finds pioneering report

Governments must deliberately use public investment and regulation to rapidly scale-up clean energy technologies to bring down costs, achieve global climate goals and boost economies worldwide, according to a new EEIST report.

How new economic models can support policymakers in boosting climate action

Here’s what we learnt from our roundtable at the Bonn Climate Conference on new economic models to boost climate action.

Five new leading researchers join Climate Strategies network

Five new leading climate researchers have joined the Climate Strategies network.

Just Transition is the foundation to effective climate action in the Global South

International climate finance providers should embrace the just transition concept to ensure impactful climate action in the Global South, according to a new report from the global research initiative South to South Just Transitions convened by Climate Strategies.

New report on tracking greenhouse gas removals

A new NET-RAPIDO report by Perspectives Climate Group examines how to track greenhouse gas removals.

New report on technological transition of the North Sea oil and gas sector

What are the opportunities and challenges of using new technologies to advance the just oil and gas transition in the North Sea? A new report by Aalborg University published today looks at two case studies in Denmark.

Climate Strategies releases first-ever public Annual Report

Climate Strategies released its first-ever public Annual Report. Read highlights from our projects and members in 2021.

Request for Proposals: Translation of survey from English into Bulgarian, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, and Slovenian

Are you a translator or translation agency? Submit your proposal for translating an English survey into Bulgarian, Greek, Polish, Portuguese and Slovenian (before 1 Dec).

New country reports on oil and gas transitions in Norway, Denmark and the UK launched at COP26

Three new country reports look at the status of oil and gas transitions in Denmark, the UK and Norway.

We’re looking for short-term advisory services on coal transition in Silesia

Are you an expert in coal transitions in Eastern Europe? We’re looking for an individual or organisation who can help us with analysing coal transitions in Silesia.

The days of coal are numbered. It’s time for Russia to get ready for the energy transition

In this blog post, Anna Korppoo and Andrzej Błachowicz explain why Russia needs to get ready for the clean energy transition.

Rethink ‘cost-benefit analysis’ to tackle climate crisis

Policymakers need better analysis tools to help them tackle the systemic climate crisis, a new EEIST paper finds.

New studies explore how climate finance can accelerate national climate action

A series of new studies released today explore how international climate finance can accelerate climate action across the globe.

No one-size-fits-all for just transition in developing countries

A new Climate Strategies report based on case studies in Ghana, Colombia and Indonesia finds there is no one-size-fits-all approach to just transitions.

EU researchers propose changes to leaked Commission proposal on border levy

Position paper released by the Climate Friendly Materials Platform propose adjustments to unlock inclusive EU industry transition to climate neutrality.

New report: Aligning finance with sustainable development and green recovery

Read this new Green Climate Fund report on aligning global finance with sustainable development and green recovery.

New report sets out six big climate action changes needed before 2030

The report Critical Junctions on the Journey to 1.5°C: The Decisive Decade provides a one-stop resource on science-backed approaches to climate action.

EU doesn’t need to choose between ambitious climate action and keeping its industry competitive

There are many policy options currently on the table as the EU strives to realise the climate ambition of the Green…

Public funding and strict monitoring needed for CO2 removal technologies to have an impact

Public funding could scale up Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)* technologies, a new report by Perspectives Climate Research of the NET-RAPIDO project finds.

C4U Press Release: EU invests €13.8m into state-of-the-art carbon dioxide capture technology

London, August 21, 2020. Society demands vast amounts of iron and steel, the production of which releases a staggering 2.8 billion tonnes…