4th Global Climate Policy Conference (GCPC)


4th Global Climate Policy Conference (GCPC)
‘Harnessing Research for Climate Ambition and Transparency’

16th – 17th August 2018

São Paulo, Brazil

Climate Strategies (CS), Instituto Clima et Sociedade (ICS), Iniciativa Climática de Mexico (ICM) and Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s Regional Programme on Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America (EKLA-KAS) are pleased to announce the 4th Global Climate Policy Conference (GCPC) under the working title: Harnessing Research for Climate Ambition and Transparency, to be held in August 2018 in São Paulo, Brazil.

The aim of the GCPC 2018 is to identify and explore the challenges and opportunities faced as countries implement their NDCs under the Paris Agreement and transition towards low-carbon development.

We invited researchers to submit their ideas to the GCPC, in the form of abstracts. Submitted abstracts were advised to focus on the following thematic areas:

  • Governance structures to support the implementation and progressive strengthening of NDCs;
  • Climate benefits of and emission reductions from land use, land use change and forestry;
  • Scaling up and ensuring the efficient allocation of climate finance and investment;
  • Policy frameworks to promote the deployment and sustainable integration of renewable energy;
  • Aligning climate and trade agendas at the regional and international level;
  • Advancing sustainable mobility and low-carbon public transport in megacities;
  • Strategies for robust climate adaptation and resilient infrastructure;
  • Implementing the Gender Action Plan – Methodologies for assessing gender impact on climate policy.

Attending the Conference

A draft agenda is available to download. You are welcome to register your interest in attending the GCPC by filling our the ‘Registration of Interest’ form, and forward this event to any researchers in your networks who may be interested in the event. You can also express interest in attending by emailing info@climatestrategies.org.

Please note that due to limitations, travel grants are restricted to those presenting at the conference. Other attendees will be required to cover their travel costs.

For any further information or questions, please contact info@climatestrategies.org.

Submitting an Abstract

Deadline for submissions was the 18th of May 2018. Full details on the call for submission is available to download in English, Spanish and Portuguese.