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08 Jun 2024
Leveraging Just Transitions Across Adaptation, Mitigation and Trade Policies

As part of the official UNFCCC programme at SB60, this side event will demonstrate that an integrated approach to Just Transitions — one that advances climate trade policies, adaptation and mitigation efforts, and facilitates discussions to foster cooperation — can enable ambitious climate action. 

05 Jun 2024
The Global Chessboard: Political Economy of International Climate Agreements

This event will enable international cooperation and mutual learning between policymakers, advocates from civil society, industry actors, and world-leading researchers.

25 Apr 2024
Just Transition Work Programme: Increasing ambition and implementation of Just Transitions in the next round of NDCs

This event will explore how nationally determined contributions (NDCs) that incorporate strategies for Just Transitions can increase ambition and implementation, setting us on the right path to achieving common climate goals.

22 Feb 2024
II ELEVATE International Stakeholder Workshop (Invite-Only)

To shape ongoing research, the ELEVATE project has established the Global Forum to Elevate Climate Ambitions to enable international cooperation and mutual learning between policymakers, advocates from civil society, industry actors, and world-leading researchers.

01 Feb 2024
Closed-Door Members Seminar: Building a Just Transition Work Programme that supports greater ambition and implementation

Climate Strategies is convening a closed-door Members Seminar to exchange views to inform our submission to this UNFCCC call for input.

24 Jan 2024
Is societal trust the missing link for a policy and business case for carbon capture, utilisation and storage in a Net-Zero transition?

Join C4U researchers as they present their findings on effective Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) strategies for a net-zero future. They will unravel their brand-new framework, explaining how business, policy and industry depend on each other for the successful implementation of CCS in both the EU and the UK. The framework will help policymakers to identify risks and barriers for the rollout of CCS, as well as to seize opportunities to accelerate its deployment in a consensual manner.

11 Dec 2023
Unlocking the Potential of Energy Innovation and System Transitions: Effective Models and Policy for a Bright Future

Attendees of this event heard about how world-leading scientists have successfully collaborated to develop original, cutting-edge modelling solutions to decarbonise the global energy sector at pace, with live case studies from the UK, EU, China and the Global South. 

10 Dec 2023
Connecting international cooperation to local realities of the just transition

As part of the official UNFCCC programme at COP28, this side event brought together policymakers, non-party actors, community leaders, and research experts, with an emphasis on perspectives from the Global South, indigenous communities, women and youth.

09 Dec 2023
Climate Clubs and Border Carbon Adjustments: Strengthening International Cooperation at the Interface of Climate and Trade Policy 

At this event, leading researchers and experts in the field of climate-trade policy discussed the prospects and limitations of international cooperation related to BCAs. This event also launched our project’s final report Bridging the Divide: Assessing the Viability of International Cooperation on Border Carbon Adjustments.