EU2030 Project: Kick-off meeting

When: 12th of February, 2014

Where: The Centre, Brussles


How does the European Commission proposal live up to what is needed to put EU climate policy on track to 2030 and beyond? How has the reform of the EUETS and synergies between targets for emissions reduction, renewable energy and energy efficiency been handled? How does the proposal reflect Member State positions and the need for EU coordination?

The Project

The objective of the project “EU CLIMATE AND ENERGY POLICY POST-2020 – Key Elements of the Package” is to provide innovative, scientifically robust policy analysis on targeted issues within in the debate on the post-2020 climate and energy policy framework. The project is structured around three work streams:Reforming the EU ETS, approaches to effort sharing, negotiation and balancing harmonisation and national circumstances, Synergies between targets (structure and objectives of targets). Each individual work-stream is intended to focus on a political or technical “choke-point” within the package discussions, rather than addressing all issues. The project is currently in its inception and fundraising phase