Supporting European Climate Policy to 2030′ Conference
19th & 20th January 2012 – Copenhagen, Denmark

EU Climate and Energy policy is facing significant challenges through to 2030 in achieving its long term targets on emissions reduction, energy security, promoting green growth and its approach and options for international engagement and action. Timed to coincide with the Danish Presidency of the EU, this conference brought together key climate and energy policy makers and researchers, including leading Danish experts and members of Climate Strategies’ research network, to consider the options and priorities for supporting European climate policy to 2030.


Three Pillars of EU Climate Policy– Michael Grubb, Climate Strategies

Private Sector Expectations for Long Term EU Climate and Energy Policy – Lars Aagaard, Dansk Energi

Trade, Embodied Emissions and Border Measures – Graham Sinden, Climate Strategies

Energy Efficiency in Buildings – Søren Agerholm, Aalborg Universitet

Targeting 2030 Policies for Tackling the Current Crisis – Stefan Schliecher, WIFO

Concito – Thomas Faergeman, Concito

International Perspectives – Farhana Yamin, CIFF

Australian Perspectives – Regina Betz, University of NSW

The Role of Project Based and New Market Mechanisms – Axel Michaelowa, University of Zürich