Power market decarbonisation post-2020: what roles for the EU ETS and for complementary instruments?

The event took place at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussel on the 17th of September, 2015.

The workshop presented the lessons from the experience of the 2020 Climate and Energy Package and analyses their implications for the design of 2030 Package. This event discussed a number of questions such as: the capacity of the carbon market to drive low-carbon investment, the speed of retirement of existing carbon-intensive capacity, what form renewable and low-carbon investment supports should take and how to manage interactions between the ETS and complementary policies. A new report by Climate Strategies and IDDRI that draws attention to the role and coordination of different policy instruments for power market decarbonisation was also presented.


Role ETS for power market decarbonisation post-2020

Supporting Renewables in a redesigned power market