Climate Finance: Financing Renewable Energy for Europe

When: 15th of October, 2014

Where: University College London, London, UK

Renewable energy is one of the key groups of technologies being proposed to enable climate change mitigation. Technological developments and the improved deployment of renewable energy capacity have facilitated cost reductions increasing the competitiveness of these technologies. However, supportive policies are still needed to level the playing field for renewables.

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This workshop is organized by the EU-FP7 funded project “POLIMP” on mobilizing and transferring knowledge on post-2012 climate policy implication and hosted by Climate Strategies as the second meeting of the POLIMP Stakeholders Workshop series. The POLIMP Stakeholders Workshop series aims at engaging stakeholders in consultation with researchers from the early stage. This approach enables stakeholders to provide researchers with early feedback to preliminary analysis on knowledge gaps, and to help them further develop evidence-based policy recommendations. The workshop consists of a short introductory session to set the policy context, followed by two thematic sessions opened with POLIMP researchers’ short presentations.