2nd Workshop for the Climate Friendly Materials (CFM) Platform Workshop

Friday, 16th of March 2018

Berlin, Germany

Continuing on from the 1st workshop held in October 2017, the 2nd workshop served to discuss the current impact of available individual policy instruments that can impact the three decision modes for sustainable development in the basic materials sector (i.e. engagement and mandates, markets and prices, strategic investment) and enhance multiple mitigation options.

The workshop comprised of 4 sessions:

Session 1: Experience from individual policy instruments. This session discussed individual policy instruments with the objective to assess i) experience of the instrument in use; ii) how the instrument impacts decisions; and iii) what mitigation options the instrument can support.

Session 2: How to define a policy package to address the mitigation options? This session first discussed the criteria for good design of policy package for the material sector and second, if a subset of potential policy instruments can be sufficient to unlock individual mitigation options (based on this criteria).

Session 3 – What are trade-offs between instruments in a policy package? This session tested whether, in an (existing) policy package, trade-offs between different policy instrument can be better assessed, with on three examples.

Session 4 – How do policies interact in a package? This session aimed to address what help is needed to explain the logic of a policy package and to manage its implementation to support the portfolio of mitigation options.

The event brought together input from a range of stakeholders, including government and industry stakeholders, for feedback into the platforms’ research. A summary of the workshop will be available to download shortly.

This was an invite-only event. For more information about this workshop or the project, please contact us at: info@climatestrategies.org.