Upcoming Events 

Seminar on  “Global Climate Governance and New trends in China’s Low-carbon Development” and the book launch for Planet Economics

Date: July the 19th, 2017

Time: 14:00-17:00

Venue: Ruby Hall, Tangla Hotel, Beijing


14:15-15:15        Key Note Speeches (Prof. Li Junfeng,  Prof. Zou Ji, Prof. Qi Shaozhou)

15:15-16:00        Planetary Economics speech, Prof. Michael Grubb

16:00-16:50        Comments (Prof. Fan Ying, Prof. Wu Libo, Prof. Qi Ye)

16:50-17:20        Open Discussion

Closing Speech:  Prof. Pan Jiahua


Past Events

December 2016: Derived from a lecture tour in Australia, these slide packs present a synthesis of key insights from the book Planetary Economics applied to the challenges of and progress in transforming energy systems.  The lectures included extensive new material particularly relating to technology trends and the UK energy system, with a particular focus on the UK Energy Market Reform and emerging lessons.  Covering material presented in half a dozen lectures across Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, the material is organised in three parts:

  1. Fundamentals: The triads of energy policy – Covering the Energy Trilemma; the Three Domains; the Three Pillars of Policy; evidence of constancy in relative energy expenditure (“Bashmakov-Newbery constant”); evidence of weak innovation in energy and  energy-intensive sectors; links to macroeconomics; and the structural nature of choice between “green” vs “brown” energy futures.
  2.  Electricity trends and the UK experience – Covering cost reductions in renewables; cost variations illustrating the value of efficient financing derived from policy certainty; a brief review of UK energy relating to Pillars I and III, and a more detailed overview of the UK Energy Market Reform process and initial results, including security
  3.  Policy integration, valuation and conclusions – Why no single policy pillar on its own is ultimately credible or stable; relationships and synergies between the three pillars; integrated policy    packages; new approaches to carbon pricing; conclusions on theory and practice of energy transition

Tuesday 20th of January, lecture: Planetary Economics: Energy, climate change and the three domains of sustainable development;

Hosted by: The Global Environment & Society Academy in conjunction with School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh, at 18.00-20.00 Informatics Forum, Crichton Street, Edinburgh

Thursday 6th November, lecture: Planetary Economics: Energy, climate change and the three domains of sustainable development, London School of Economics, 6.00 pm

Friday 26th September, presentation to the high-level Warsaw conference on EU 2030 package, topic “Lessons from UK EMR”

Thursday 25th September, Copenhagen: Michael Grubb, Keynote talk at Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, Aarhus University

USA and Mexico (15th-19th of June)

Tuesday 16th June, New York: Conference, International Association of Energy Economics, presentation by Michael Grubb on the book’s numerical Appendix: ‘The Importance of Adaptability and Inertia in Optimal Abatement Trajectories: A simple Analytic model’

Wednesday 17th June, Mexico: Plenary presentation to Global Conference on Energy Efficiency in Cities International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (www.ipeec.org): Michael Grubb, ‘The first pillar of energy policy: role of energy efficiency in energy transition’

Friday 19th June, Washington, 3.00-4.30pm: Private meetings with scholars at Brookings Institution and other research institutes.

Wednesday 17th September, Oxford: Keynote talk to the Annual Conference of the British Institute of Energy Economists, http://www.biee.org/meeting