Researcher workshop for the “materials sector” project

‘Policy design for a climate-friendly materials sector’


Friday, 16th of September 2016

Brussels, Belgium

Materials are central to our economies, but their production also causes a very large portion of industrial greenhouse gas emissions. The large, and much needed, mitigation potential – from break-through process technologies, new materials, and more efficient material use – remains largely untapped.

While there is a a need for near complete decarbonisation of the economy, change in this sector has so far been only incremental. This creates uncertainty, thus inhibiting investments and innovation.

The materials project explores what needs to happen at European Union and Member State level to incentivise large scale emission reductions from material production through developing a portfolio of innovative processes and materials and providing incentives for their efficient use.

The project is managed jointly by Climate Strategies and The German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin).

The workshop addressed the broad question of:

What policies are necessary for the materials sector to successfully innovate and subsequently adopt new low-carbon technologies?

 The workshop covered the following three themes:

  1. Feasible technology pathways
  2. Incentives for technology adoption
  3. Public innovation support

The workshop agenda and a selection of presentations are available to download. Information is also available one the DIW website.

If you would like to contact us about the project, please email info@climatestrategies.org for more information.