24-26 October 2022 | Hybrid Event | European Commission | REGISTER FOR ONLINE PARTICIPATION

The conference will provide a forum for sharing views and experiences on the just transition process. It will involve stakeholders from national, local and regional authorities as well as economic and social partners, the wider society and representatives from the European Commission; among them Commissioners Ferreira and Simson.

The two-day conference on 24 and 25 October will highlight the shift from preparation to implementation of the Just Transition Mechanism, the importance of creating a strong project pipeline as well as the need to accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels to reduce Europe’s dependence on imports in times of energy crisis.

Specific sessions will address topics such as involvement of citizens and stakeholders, opportunities offered by clean energy technologies, and the importance of skills and life-long learning for the green and future-proof economy.

On Wednesday 26 October, the European Committee of the Regions will then organise a Multi-Level Dialogue on Just Transition. The four Just Transition Platform Working Groups will also meet on 26 October.