Side event: On the road to 2050 – improving the EU climate policy.
Date, time: Monday, 3. Dec. 2012, at 11:30-13:00 Venue: Hall 5 Side Event Room 8, Conference Center in Doha (co-hosted with Ecologic)

This event explored challenges around long-term climate and energy targets of the EU for 2050 (e.g. reforming the EU ETS, seeking synergies between climate and industrial policy). It included views from prominent researchers, think tanks and the European Commission.

Presentations are available for download:



Side event: New approaches to issues impacting developing countries – examples of technology transfer and carbon pricing in aviation and shipping

Date, time: Tuesday, 4. Dec. 2012, at 15:30-17:30 Venue: EU Pavilion, Hall 3, Room Brussels, Conference Center in Doha

Drawing on new research projects, this event discussed impacts of certain policy solutions currently under discussion on developing countries. This event was chaired by Erik Haites of Margaree Consultants and presented two topics based on the current CS portfolio:

1. The first looked at conditions for innovation in climate-compatible development and presented on the potential and prospects of the Technology Mechanism. For more information about the technology project please click  here.

The potential and prospects of the Technology Mechanism by Heleen de Coninck, Rob Byrne, Laura Wuertenberger

2. The second focused on the nature and scale of impacts on developing countries from carbon pricing in the aviation and maritime sectors. For more information about the aviation and maritime project please click here.


Dinner event on Climate Technology and Development (2.12.2012)

This event gathered around 25 people to brainstorm about most important issues around the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism. The discussion was chaired by prof. Michael Grubb of Climate Strategies with participants divided into six groups: Collaborative R&D, Enabling environments, Technology agreements and standards, Finance, Governance and structure, Collaboration of the Technology Mechanism with other UNFCCC/non-UNFCCC institutions. Download the summary notes from the dinner event.