Friday, 20th of October 2017

Berlin, Germany

Building on our existing project ‘The Role of Policy for a Climate Friendly Materials Sector’, we held a workshop to officially launch the Climate Friendly Materials (CFM) platform.

At this workshop, we explored what elements need to be put in place at the European and Member State level to allow for large scale emission reductions from material production.

Based on the feedback received during the course of the project, the workshop comprised two elements:

Part 1: How can public policy makers decide on what technologies/projects to support?

We will explore how programmes and projects can be designed to achieve the desired learning benefit, both for technology providers and for users. This involves the question: “How to make decisions on awarding support to reflect for example the potential for global diffusion of low-carbon technologies or the transformation potential as anticipated for example in sector road maps?“.

Part 2: How to design public financial support to stimulate private innovation investments that contribute to transformation? 

We will discuss a set of the questions on this topic, including:

  • Can funding-schemes topping-up private investments rely on private commitment and thus reduce public information requirements (to enhance reliability for commercial projects)?
  • Could these schemes contribute to diffusion of learning experience beyond the specific commercial interest?
  • How can financing instruments be results-oriented to ensure innovation being on track with long-term sustainability strategies?
  • Which financial instruments are most appropriate for what type of projects?
  • How far should funding go  and what are the incentives from funding strategies?

This is an invite only event. For more information about this workshop or the project, or if you are interested in attending this event, please contact us at: