Climate Strategies in collaboration with University College London and Climate Policy Journal will be hosting an event on: ‘China Low Carbon Policy Options’. The event will take place between 15.00-17.00 on Wednesday 3rd of February 2016, at the Energy Institute of University College London, UK.
The event presented an overview of China’s mitigation policy and will include the launch of the Special Supplement of the Climate Policy journal ‘Climate Mitigation Policy in China’
Our aim was to promote an understanding of capacity building, development and sectoral approaches in China with contributions from academic leaders and other experts in the field.


Prof Michael Grubb gave an introduction to the Climate Policy Journal Special Supplement on China Mitigation Policy as well as an overview on low carbon policy in China.
Dr. Nick Hughes spoke about Chinese CO2 emission projections to 2030 and the role of economic structure and policy
Isabel Hilton presented a summary of China’s negotiating position from the Copenhagen to Paris UNFCCC Conference of the Parties. She highlighted what has changed in the countrie’s position since 2009.
Peng Zhang from Tsinghua University spoke about Chinese ETS schemes and the road towards the creation of a national scheme. The event ended with comments from Prof Fergus Green and questions from the audience.

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