Carbon Pricing, Technology Investment, and Trade:
Integrating Design Elements for a Low Carbon Club

Over the past few years, the concept of “climate clubs” has emerged and matured in several expert-driven processes. The idea is that multilateral negotiations can be complemented with coalitions of the willing on various climate-related issue areas, in particular where there is a need for a high degree of policy coordination. Among the areas which have been identified as suitable for carbon clubs are carbon pricing or technology.

This workshop examined and further developed the proposition of nurturing a “club” of enhanced ambition based around the interrelationship of pricing, technology investment, and trade. With this and future events on this topic, intend to inform policymaking toward Paris agreement at COP21, but also mainly in the implementation phase.

The event was convened by Climate Strategies, The Stanley Foundation, IDDRI and ICTSD, and took  place in Paris, France. Please find the agenda of the event in the Download box.