Kick -off Expert Workshop, March 21st, Berlin

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As part of the ‘Carbon emission mitigation by Consumption-based Accounting and Policy’ project (Carbon-CAP), we analyse experiences with consumption and trade oriented policies.

To ensure our analysis is relevant to the current policy debate, we aim to engage experts from policy, industry and research early on in the Carbon-Cap project. This workshop brings together key stakeholders working on or affected by demand side oriented carbon policies to develop a shared perspective on (i) the definition of policies, (ii) experiences from other policy areas targeting demand change, (iii) key aspects of policies and their implementation to be assessed and modelled in later stages of the project, (iv) potential controversies or precedents surrounding demand side approaches, and (v) the possible value added of the project to the debate on demand side oriented policies.

In order to focus the discussion on the aspects that ultimately matter for policy implementation, we will structure the discussion around three case studies that will be presented in the workshop and discussed by stakeholders: EU manufacturing supply chain policies as a potential driver for global emissions abatement, implementing a consumption charge on cement, and experiences with standards and labelling of agricultural commodities.