Tackling climate change requires complementing production-focused policies with consumption-based approaches. Doing so can also help to more directly address consumption as a driver of increasing emissions by realising a wider range of mitigation options along the value chain and at the point of final consumption.

Climate Strategies and The Climate Group, China, orgnised a workshop to engage Chinese stakeholders from academia, the government and industry to discuss the opportunities and barriers for consumption-based accounting and policies. We discussed the global drivers of change in carbon emissions, explore behavioural improvement options and policy instruments to tackle demand-side emissions, and consider policy scenarios for consumption-based accounting.

The event took place in Beijing, China on the 10th of November.

The workshop was organised as part of the Carbon-Cap project  – a research project Climate Strategies participates in, funded by the EU Commission. Please visit the Carbon-Cap website for more information about the reports, news and events of this project.