Our Approach

Climate change is our greatest planetary threat, affecting all species and ecosystems. Governments must meet the Paris Agreement’s temperature target to ensure the well-being of our planet and its people for generations to come. Achieving a just and sustainable future means bridging the work of researchers at the forefront of understanding the complex impacts of this crisis with those who are able to enact change.

Climate Strategies works at the science-policy interface, advancing climate policy through meaningful interactions between decision-makers and researchers across Europe and internationally. We are an international, not-for-profit research network with an expansive network of world-leading researchers as members.

Since 2006 we have developed world leading experience of informing climate and energy policy, and are internationally known for our independence and outstanding quality of work, which is safeguarded by our Charter of Independence.

Knowledge is the key to tackling the climate challenge. Here at Climate Strategies, we work to ensure that the best research is shared across all levels – from workers, to researchers, to policy makers – to enhance collective intelligence in the fight against climate change.

Our Vision

We strive for a just, sustainable and inclusive future, where climate policy is shaped by evidence-based decision making.

Our Mission

Climate Strategies enables its members and other researchers to place impact at the heart of their research work in order to catalyse climate action through the provision of robust evidence into decision making.

Our Values

A well-connected organisation with impact where it mattersA trusted and reliable source of information on climate policy researchA team with the skills and values to thrive in a complex world

We encourage new and innovative ideas for policy to catalyse climate action.


We present scientific research in a neutral and reliable manner.

Inclusivity and empathy

We embrace diverse perspectives and backgrounds, treating others with respect and kindness.


We know successful partnerships are at the heart of our work. To advance climate action, we connect researchers with decision-makers who can make a difference.


We translate complex research into clear and inspiring advice.


We strive for excellence and remain true to our values.

What we do



We incubate cutting-edge ideas and develop innovative climate policy research proposals.




We are experts in facilitating productive dialogue among researchers, climate policy makers and other stakeholders.




We initiate, plan and organise a variety of multi-disciplinary events, bringing people together to contribute to and disseminate research.




We communicate climate policy research using accessible formats, to ensure research is inclusive, has the largest reach and can influence positive change on all levels.

Climate Strategies works through its international networks of members and a small, dedicated secretariat. The secretariat acts as a focal point for members alongside external researchers, streamlining and managing communication, collaboration, research proposals, dissemination and stakeholder engagement.

This Equivalency Determination on File “badge” means that the organization was at one time determined by NGOsource to be equivalent to a U.S. public charity or government instrumentality for a specific funder during a specific period of time.

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Articles and Policies

Articles of Association
Charter of Independence
Code of Conduct
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Climate Strategies Companies House Number: 05796323.
Stichting Climate Strategies (Netherlands), KVK number: 78313813

Climate Strategies REG number in the Transparency Register is: REG 819831591699-07.