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    We work to catalyse climate action by placing robust evidence into the heart of decision making

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    Supporting evidence-based policy decisions

    Our network of researchers share a commitment to climate policy decision making that is well-informed and evidence-based.

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    A just transition for all

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    Decarbonising the basic materials sector

    Researchers propose a new policy package to transform EU industry.

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  • Six Climate Action needs to tackle before 2030

    New report on key approaches to reducing emissions in this decade.

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Tackling the greatest challenge of our time.

Climate Strategies works at the science-policy interface, advancing climate policy through meaningful interactions between decision-makers and researchers across Europe and internationally. We are an international, not-for-profit research network with an expansive network of world-leading researchers.

Climate change is the greatest existential threat of our time, its impacts are felt in all countries across the world. Governments must meet the 1.5 degree target mapped out in the Paris Climate Agreement to ensure the wellbeing of our planet and its people for generations to come.

Achieving this just and sustainable future means bridging the work of researchers at the forefront of understanding the complex impacts of this crisis with those who are able to enact change.


Oil & Gas Transitions. Co-creating evidence to accelerate policy action in the North Sea.

This initiative will develop a better understanding of oil & gas transition scenarios for the North Sea region. It will also co-produce just and feasible transition pathways and create blueprints for countries facing similar challenges.

Inclusion of Consumption in Emissions Trading

Countries need to increase action towards low-carbon transition to align with the Paris Agreement, creating new policy options and opportunities. Against this background, this project explored whether inclusion of domestic sales of energy intensive commodities in domestic emission trading schemes is an effective approach to restoring the carbon price signal in these sectors, without damaging competitiveness.

Incorporating Just Transition Strategies in Developing Country NDCs and post-Covid responses

This project works with partners in Ghana, Colombia and Indonesia to assess the national context, developing recommendations on integrating just transition strategies into their NDCs and COVID response strategies.








Current Projects


Successfully Implemented Projects


Visions for the future of the Russian coal industry in light of the global decarbonisation trend

This paper analyses the different domestic discourses on the future of the Russian coal sector. None of the main narratives foresees a coal phase-out.

Carbon Contracts for Difference. An assessment of selected socio-economic impacts for Germany

This report offers insights to support key German stakeholders on the implementation of an innovative and promising policy instrument for the…

Critical Junctions on the Journey to 1.5°C: The Decisive Decade

The report, Critical Junctions on the Journey to 1.5°C: The Decisive Decade, examines and distils the key findings in 10 influential…