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  • Professor, Fudan University and Tianjin University, China

After giving up a position of Director of Research at one large intergovernmental organization in the capital of one OECD country, ZhongXiang Zhang (张中祥) in September 2012 took up a position of a distinguished university professor and chairman at School of Economics, Fudan University, China. He is a Fellow of Asia and the Pacific Policy Society, Australia, and is serving as China Country Representative of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, and on the Scientific Council of Paris-based IDDRI, Sciences Po. He also is a Fellow of CESifo, Germany; a distinguished professor at Tianjin University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; an adjunct professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and University of Hawaii at Manoa; an advisor to Center for National Resource Economics Studies at Peking University; a member of UK-based Climate Strategies; and a research associate at American University and Australian National University.

He is co-editor of Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, International Journal of Ecological Economics & Statistics, International Journal of Global Energy Issues, and International Journal of Public Policy; and is serving on the editorial boards of other eleven international journals including Climate Policy; Energy Policy; Environmental Science and Policy; International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics; and International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics.

He has authored over 200 publications, and authored and edited 20 books and special issues of international journals (Energy Economics; Energy Policy; International Economics and Economic Policy; International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics; Journal of Policy Modeling; and Mineral Economics). He is among the top 20 authors from Chinese universities in all branches of social sciences based on the first-authored articles in SSCI/A&HCI over 1956-2008, is among the most cited authors by the IPCC Climate Change 2001 and 2007, and by Trade and Climate Change: WTO-UNEP Report, and is among IDEAS/RePEc list of both the leading energy economists and the leading environmental economists in the world. Based on the number of author-weighted journal pages, he is among the Top 1000 Economists in the worldwide ranking.

His professional services include leading an experts panel to evaluate economic and social impacts of the ten national key projects with total funding of US$ 30 billion from China’s central government (appointed by Ministry of Science and Technology), joining colleagues from the “Circle of Climate Gurus” (current UNFCCC Executive Secretary) to assess the adequacy of the world’s efforts on climate change; co-authoring a first, comprehensive and authoritative document on international rules for greenhouse gas emissions trading (published by the United Nations in 1999); working with five “world’s leading environmental economists” to improve the design of the EU emissions trading scheme; getting involved in a variety of activities with chief climate negotiators from a dozen key countries; serving as an expert to many national and international organizations (including UNCTAD, UNEP, UNDP, the European Commission, North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation, ADB, OECD, IEA, the World Bank, and IPCC); frequently keynoting major international conferences in Asia, Europe and North America (including five plenary addresses to the International Association for Energy Economics conferences); and organizing high-profile international conferences in Asia, Europe (including the conference at the European Commission) and the US. He is frequently interviewed with and cited by the major media. Appointed by Peking University President, he conducted in 2013 with three U.S. National Academy Fellows the first ever International Peer Review of PKU’s academic, pedagogical, and developmental activities.

He began his career in Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission in Beijing (1987-89), and had over 20 years of working experience in Europe and the US. Most recently, he was a senior fellow at East-West Center, Honolulu (2001-12). Prior to that, he worked in the Netherlands, at both Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics, University of Groningen (1997-2001); Department of Economics, Wageningen University (1992-96); and Policy Studies Department, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (1990). He was a visiting fellow at Pennsylvania State University and Stanford University (1996). He received Ph.D in economics from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and BSc (1984) and MSc (1987) in energy engineering from Tianjin University, the oldest Chinese university.

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