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  • Professor and Director, Institute of Energy, Environment, and Economy, Tsinghua University, China

Zhang Xiliang is Professor and Director, Institute of Energy, Environment, and Economy, Tsinghua University & Director, Tsinghua-MIT China Energy and Climate Project.

Prof. Zhang holds a Ph.D. of Systems Engineering from Tsinghua University. Dr. Zhang is currently a professor of Management Science and Engineering and director of the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy, Tsinghua University. He has conducted research on sustainable energy technology innovation and diffusion, markets, policies, and futures for China. He also served as the co-leader of the expert group for drafting China Renewable Energy Law during 2004 -2005, and the energy expert of the expert group for drafting China Circular Economy Law in 2007. Both works were organized by Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation Committee of National People’s Congress. Professor Zhang is currently leading a national carbon market research project which is aims at assisting National Development and Reform Commission in design China’s national ETS. Since 2012 he has been the principle investigator for the four-year research project “China’s mid-and long-term low carbon development strategy” which is sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology with the support of National Development and Reform Commission. Prof. Zhang is also coordinating a research project titled ‘China Energy System Transformation: technologies and policies’, which is tasked by National Energy Administration. He has been a lead author of the 4th and 5th IPCC Climate Change Assessment Report, and has been the secretary general of the New Energy Committee of China Energy Research Society since 2006, and Vice Chair of China Renewable Energy Industry Association since 2011.