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  • Professor of Sustainability Research University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

John holds a Chair in Ecological Economics at the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI), University of Leeds. His research interests include sustainable consumption and production (SCP) modelling, carbon accounting and exploring the transition to a low carbon pathway. He has an extensive knowledge of the use of Multi-Regional Environmental Input-Output modelling to understand the effectiveness of strategies and policies to deliver a low carbon economy.

My research is predominately funded by the UK Government (Defra) and the UK Energy Research Centre. These key areas of research have involved the building of global trade models to understand the embedded carbon emissions in goods and services and estimating the upstream carbon emissions from emerging energy technologies. The techniques that I developed as part of my research are now used by numerous government departments to understand the consumer emissions of the UK as well as the carbon emissions embedded in products.

John is one of the lead advisors to Defra in relation to the development of PAS2050 and was commissioned by Defra to lead on understanding the carbon footprint of trade. John has been selected as a lead author for the IPCC 5th Assessment for Working Group III. He has appeared regularly on Radio 4 news and discussion programmes, written numerous policy reports on SCP issues for a wide range of audiences.