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  • Senior Advisor

Henry Derwent is Senior Adviser to Climate Strategies. He is also Executive Chairman of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), an international NGO based at UNIDO in Vienna, which promotes, manages and reports on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing countries.

He combines these roles with that of Honorary Vice-President, ex-President and distinguished representative of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), a trade association focused on global climate and carbon business, founded to promote emissions trading from a business perspective), and Deputy Chair of the Verified Carbon Standard, an international certification service for voluntary carbon reductions.

Before his five years at IETA, Henry was for ten years, the UK Government’s senior official on international and domestic climate change as well as, for part or all of that time, having responsibility for other environmental protection areas. These included controls on chemicals, industrial pollution, radioactive substances, genetic modification, nanotechnology, environmental emergency preparedness; as well as overall responsibility for climate science and economics, adaptation to climate change, plus energy efficiency and the demand side of UK energy policy.

He planned, introduced and oversaw the pioneering UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which was a precursor and model for the EU ETS, and negotiated for the UK in UNFCCC and other multilateral environmental agreements. He had a 10 Downing Street role as climate change adviser during the UK Presidency of the G8; his work over this period was recognized by the award of the CB and the Fitzroy Prize of the Royal Meteorological Society.

Henry has also been a Corporate Finance Executive at London Investment bankers UBS (SG Warburg), covering public/private partnerships and private and public sector businesses mainly in the public transport sector. Before that he was Director of roads policy at the UK Department of Transport, and held a number of finance positions in the UK Departments of Transport and Environment.