Global Climate Policy Conference 2014

The Global Climate Policy Conference: how research can help unblock a climate deal

The Global Climate Policy Conference was held on the 7th and 8th of May at the Overseas Development Institute in London. The conference was a success thanks to the great research ideas and discussions that took place over the two days. Amongst speakers and participants we had representatives of the public and private sector, academics, international and national organisations as well as policy makers and negotiators. The conference brought together people interested in this issue and experts in the field from all over the world including India, China, South America and Africa.

We are grateful for all the incredible ideas and questions that were raised during these two very intense days. Thank you to each one of you for your contributions.

Climate Strategies and CDKN have published the conference proceedings and contributions in ‘The Way Forward in International Climate Policy‘ found in the download box.

Presentations of our speakers are available below. Watch the full video of the conference here!

Session 1: Sustainable development and green growth: a new focus or an optical illusion?

Michael Grubb: Planetary Economics: What role in global climate negotiations

Carlo Jaeger: Towards a sound narrative on climate policy and green growth

Session 2: More than just ticking the boxes? How mitigation and adaptation packages should secure finance

Jose Alberto Garibaldi

Session 3: Evolving CBDR? Differentiating the parties in the 2015 agreement

Christoph Schwarte: The International Law Association’s legal principals relating to climate change

Xiaohua Zhang: Reflection on the CBDR in the 2015 agreement

Session 4: Is it fair? Defining and respecting equity in adaptation and loss & damage

Sonja Klinsky: Finding a constructive equity pathway

Session 5: An offer they can’t refuse? Reconciling the UNFCCC stalemate with investor interest

Christa Clapp: Climate Finance-Reconciling the UNFCCC stalemate with burgeoning investor interest

Session 6: Conditional Trade? Managing GHG impact through clubs

Carlos Rossi Covarrubias: Conditional Trade? Managing GHG impacts through public-private technology pool

Thomas Brewer: Minimizing Methane Leakage in Natural Gas Trade: Creating ‘Club Goods’ for LNG Exporters, Importers, Shippers and Maritime Fuel Users